Take Note Graphic Design - Cape Breton


Meet Emily


I love truck camping, farmer's markets, live music and curling up with a good book.



My superpower is blending my design background and entrepreneurial experience to help small business owners feel confident in the way their brand communicates.

I'm Emily Rankin and I'm a graphic designer who helps passionate self employed people craft brands that feel like them, be visual online, and get their "people" to take note of them.

My own journey started while watching my parents run their own business, Chafe's Flooring and Furniture. (Check them out here!)

I saw firsthand how much passion, dedication, and creative thinking went into growing a business.

I've always been curious, observant and sensitive to the needs of others. I knew art, helping people and self employment were in my future. After design school I went on to work for and in a number of independent businesses as a designer, photographer and store manager. During this time I realized just how much of your day was spent working IN the business and I saw how easy it was to let working ON the business slide.

Now that I am a designer for the self employed, I am able to help them do just that. 

I dig deep with my clients, reign in all their wonderful ideas and distil them down into a simple clear message with impactful designs to back it up!