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Cape Breton
Port Hood, Nova Scotia


Branding + Identity + Logos + Squarespace Websites + Marketing // Emily Rankin is a Graphic Designer from Cape Breton supporting Small Business, Non Profits, and Creatives with graphic design that gets them noticed.


The Brand Path - Take Note Graphic Design

the brand path

You're passionate about your business and the great things you do.  But you're also overwhelmed, frustrated and tired. Running a business is big work and you know you could make more of an impact if you had the right branding in place. Your current brand is stale or non existent and you're ready for a change. You need a website or your current one just isn't working for you anymore. Whether you're starting or established there's a lot on your plate.

Ever hear of analysis paralysis? That's when you have information overload - you're over thinking so you do nothing.  Zilch. Natta. It feels like you're lost in the woods. Sound familiar? Doing nothing doesn't get your customers to take note of you. Doing nothing doesn't get you on the right path.

Know what does? A plan, tailored to you, with the right messaging, images, and platforms that reach your clients. That's where I come in. Being in the woods is a great place to be if your actually in the woods. Like, you know, enjoying nature. When it comes to your brand - not so much. 

That's why I am offering you The Brand Path.

It's over 10 years of honing in on what clients just like you are asking for. What solves their problems and gets them the best results - all in one package. This will get you noticed. We dig deep together to refine your message and get you looking your best. You deserve a logo, a brand and website that reflects who you are. What you put out there should light you up - just as it should connect with your customers and get you real results.

Results like – a brand that attracts your community, a website that converts visitors to buyers and a brand plan that gets you in control. Whatever your goal is I want to help you achieve it. Going through The Brand Path is the cure to your analysis paralysis.

Let's get you moving on the right path.