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Cape Breton
Port Hood, Nova Scotia


Branding + Identity + Logos + Squarespace Websites + Marketing // Emily Rankin is a Graphic Designer from Cape Breton supporting Small Business, Non Profits, and Creatives with graphic design that gets them noticed.

Port Hawkesbury Community Park Sign Design



Port Hawkesbury Community Park Sign Design

Emily Rankin

I love living in the woods now but when I was a kid I was some happy we lived in a central spot in town. Simply because we were a 5 minute walk from the playground. (A little faster if my sister and I would dart through the neighbour's backyard.) Just like the Fresh Prince, on the playground is where I spent most of my days. 

This is where we made friendships, explored and played make believe and where my Dad was dubbed "Mr. Underduck" by the neighbourhood kids. It's come a long way since then.

No more shinny metal slides that got hot and burned on the way down, no more monkey bar death towers, and no more human sling shot wheel go round. Don't get me wrong, that stuff was AWESOME but I'd be as tense as I am watching Walking Dead if I were watching my nieces on it now. 

The major changes are all because four years ago there was a huge community effort put into breathing new life into the park.

The Town of Port Hawkesbury, local businesses, community groups and hard-working volunteers raised money and built this seriously impressive and much needed space in town. As an acknowledgement of all of the effort and love everyone put into the project I was asked to create a sign thanking them. 

It's an awesome feeling going back and playing with my nieces. They have a blast (and burn a lot of energy). It's now made even more special because I get to see this sign I designed installed at the entrance.

A little reminder about why moving back to Cape Breton was the right choice. I get to work on projects for things that have been close to my heart for years and I get to share them with my nieces.

Thank you to Taralee, Patrick and the rest of the committee for asking me to work on this super special project. 


How about you? Have you worked on any fun projects that connect your childhood? Tell me about them in the comments below :)