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Branding + Identity + Logos + Squarespace Websites + Marketing // Emily Rankin is a Graphic Designer from Cape Breton supporting Small Business, Non Profits, and Creatives with graphic design that gets them noticed.

I Went To BlogJam Atlantic Before I Started My Blog



I Went To BlogJam Atlantic Before I Started My Blog

Emily Rankin

What were you doing this time last week? I was recovering from a "post conference hangover."

I went to my first BlogJam which ended up being one of the highlights of my year. It was a weekend of connecting with inspiring entrepreneurs and motivating talks on blogging and online business.

After catching up with girlfriends, a 9 hour day of information and driving back home to Cape Breton it was late when I got in. I was tired, amped up and desperately wanting a nap. Was it worth it? 100%.

I'm so impressed with the love and hard work thatKristaRenéeKerraMichelle, and the volunteers put into the event at the Prince George Hotel in Halifax. From the Pre-Conference Mini-Jamboree, the amazing panelists, to every logistical detail that needed attention - THANK YOU SO MUCH. There are amazing, world class bloggers, writers, artists, creatives and business owners right here in Atlantic Canada. Being in a room with so many of them was some high vibe energy magic.

I can still hear the advice from the speakers bouncing around in my head with the other million ideas and to-dos. But their words are sticking with me. They are inspiring me.

Like how Elayna Fernández, The Positive Mom said "Sometimes we criticize ourselves for the very thing will make us successful." or "To a 2nd grader, a 3rd grader is an expert." The wealth of information Erin Trafford gave about starting a blog was invaluable. I loved the run down on the Octopus Funnel with Katelyn Bourgoin - such an inspiring woman in the online marketing world. There was Crystal Picard's great workshop that got the wheels turning on content strategy and finding your voice. Ali Breen had us laughing at ourselves with her talk "How NOT to Start a Blog for Over a Year! (Preaching to the choir girl!) Crystal Richard - The East Coast Mermaid - spoke about getting your content seen and building community around your mission. What may have been my favourite talk was Heather Clarke and Lori Byrne's hilarious presentation "You're so creative!" Fostering Creativity When it Feels Like You're Faking It." It was full of bathroom humour and creative constipation busters! I also got to eat lunch and talk online sales with Sarah Hart a woman who runs a business I've admired for a while. I haven't even mentioned any of the other awesome people I met throughout the day who didn't give a talk.

One of the more serious slides from Heather Clarke and Lori Byrne's hilarious talk.

I went to BlogJam before I even started my blog. It's already given me the courage to write two blog posts. That's two more than I had last month. This post makes three. Progress! There's much from BlogJam that I am going to be implementing in the coming months.

If you're a blogger, writer, online business owner, or are interested in working with bloggers then BlogJam Atlantic 2018 is where you'll need to be.

The value and experience you will get out of this conference will leave you feeling more inspiredly ambitions than Leslie Knope. Design, content, collaboration, creative marketing, creating a life that works for me and now, blogging. That's my jam. What's yours?


I'd love to hear about a conference you went to that was game changing! Tell me in the comments below!