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Cape Breton
Port Hood, Nova Scotia


Branding + Identity + Logos + Squarespace Websites + Marketing // Emily Rankin is a Graphic Designer from Cape Breton supporting Small Business, Non Profits, and Creatives with graphic design that gets them noticed.



Amplify East - Amplifying Voices of Women in Atlantic Canada

Emily Rankin

I met Vanessa from Amplify East in the fall of 2018 when she was the morning keynote speaker at BlogJam Atlantic where I volunteered to photograph the event. (Highlights can be found here)

She told us about the passion project she created where she highlights amazing women from all over Atlantic Canada and shares their stories over at These are heart warming and inspiring stories from incredible women. I'm honoured to have my photo and my story shared right alongside of theirs.

Thank you Vanessa for the vote of confidence and for showcasing that here in Atlantic Canada "remarkable women are not a supply problem."

Find my spotlight (along with so many other amazing women) here.

Oils for Empaths

Emily Rankin

I absolutely love my oils from Oils For Empaths. This is a line of essential oils handcrafted in small batches created for empaths and our unique set of energetic needs.

I was honoured when I was asked to design the logo. The inspiration for me was the lotus, a flower who's roots emerge from the mud and who each night, retreats into dirty, murky water to re-emerge each morning completely free of grime, dirt and muddy residue. A daily story of rebirth. It's designed with seven petals to represent the seven chakras all working together for the individual to bloom.

Seeing the logo "in real life", doing its job AND as a WAX SEAL (!) on the envelope filled me with so much joy. Little custom details make a world of difference when it comes packaging and the experience for the person receiving the gift.

Thank you to Robin for always knowing just what we need and both her and her business partner Laura for creating such a valuable and tangible resource.

I use the brilliant blends for Grounding, Personal Power, and Authenticity. Other blends include Self Worth + Boundaries, Self Love + Forgiveness, and Intuition.

Order your own at A portion of all profits goes towards creating safe spaces for youth and the healing community.

NicNeil - The MacNeil Sisters, Album Artwork

Emily Rankin

These little gems have been flying off the shelves for months! I'm thrilled to share the design for Back Current Jam - NicNeil, The MacNeil Sisters' lively first album!
The MacNeil Sisters are five sisters from Mabou, Cape Breton who's fantastic album brilliantly showcases their family's musical talents and beautifully blends their English and Gaelic cultures. "Nic" is Gaelic for "daughter" and "Neil" is their family name. They came to me with inspiring ideas for their cover and  I had the pleasure of working with photos all by the always amazing Steve Rankin Photography.
The girls have been entertaining us locally for a long time and now their music is being shared far and wide. There's English songs, Gaelic songs, traditional tunes, and some fantastic originals. If you have a chance to see them live or get your own copy of Back Current Jam, DO IT! :)